The Analyzer applet requires the Java 2 plugin. Included with the plugin is policytool.exe. You can use that program to edit your policy files thereby giving Analyzer permission to read your portfolio data files. If you are running Windows 98 the program is probably located in:

            Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.2\bin\


1.         Run policytool.exe


2.         If this is the first time you have run the program you will probably see a message indicating that C:\WINDOWS\ wasn’t found.


            Click on OK to continue.


3.         Click on Add Policy Entry


4.         For CodeBase on the next screen that appears enter:



5.         Click on Edit Permission to bring up the Permissions screen.


6.         From the drop down menu of the Permission: text box select File Permission.


7.         In the text box to the right of the Target Name: text enter the full Path Name to the data file you are giving Analyzer permission to read, for example:



8.         From the drop down menu of the Actions: text box select read


9.         Click OK


10.        Click Done on the Policy Entry screen.


11.        To save this permission select the Save As command from the File menu. This brings up the Save As dialog box.


            Navigate the directory structure to get to the Windows directory on the C: drive, then type:


            (note the initial period) as the file name, then select the Save button. The policy file is now saved. You may now exit the program by selecting the Exit command from the File menu.