Portfolio Investment Return Analyzer

This program will calculate the portfolio's effective annual rate of return for various time periods.

First create a text file of the portfolio's past transactions and market value (one way to create a text file is to enter the data using Microsoft's Wordpad and saving as a text file). The file must be in date, market value, deposit format. With values delimited by spaces and records delimited by new line. Records should be in ascending date order, i.e. the earliest dates first. The market value should not include the deposit of that date and withdrawals are indicated as negative deposits. Deposits should only include funds actually contributed or withdrawn, dividends and capital gains reinvested should not be included nor should front end or back end loads or administrative expenses. These items are reflected in the market value and therefore affect rate of return. Sample portfolio history file

You must provide this applet read access to all portfolio files you want to analyze. Instructions for providing permission to read files.

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